Swiss Association of Science Journalism

The Swiss Association of Science Journalism (SASJ) has existed since 1974. It offers its members a wide range of professional services including forums on journalistic topics, seminars, excursions and study trips. We also cultivate stimulating get-togethers. Every few years the SASJ organizes for its colleagues of the European Union of Science Journalists (EUSJA) an event lasting several days during which highlights of Swiss research are presented. Our members are also invited to participate in corresponding events of the European partner organizations.


The SASJ presently has around 300 members. Of these 150 are ordinary members working either as science editors for newspapers, magazines, radio and television or as freelancers. Approximately 150 extraordinary members hold jobs with media- and information-groups of private companies or scientific institutions. In addition we have about twenty patron members coming from the industry and the media.


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