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World Conference of Science Journalists in San Francisco

Freitag, 02. Dezember 2016 20:55

The Swiss Association of Science Journalism SASJ offers 10 scholarships of 1500 CHF.

Every second year, a member association of the World Federation of Science Journalists organises the World Conference of Science Journalists WCSJ. The next one is to be held 26-30 October 2017 in San Francisco, and is organised by two associations, the NASW and the CASW. More infos and details here:

Those world conference unite in general about one thousand journalists from all over the world, and represent a great occasion to learn new tendencies about our activity, to share experiences, to network with renowned colleagues, to visit exciting science-rich places (with issues to write/broadcast about in your respective medias), and therefore to act for the spreading of a quality and independent science journalism.

The SASJ decided to offer to its members ten scholarships of 1500 CHF each to attend the WCSJ2017 in San Francisco. If you want to take part in a great event, please send us your application. The scholarship is offered as financial support; you will have to organise your trip yourself. Please note that, although consequent, the scholarship will not be enough to cover all the costs (application fee to WCSJ2017≈250 $, flight≈1000 $, lodging≈120$/night. NB: those who take part in a session will not pay the application fee)

What you have to do to be selected (criteria in order of importance)
1. Be a member of the ASJS, ordinary members will be considered first
2. Write a small (and we mean really small) motivation text on why you should be chosen
3. Show and assure us you will actively take part in events and activities the SASJ would put in place at the WCSJ2017 in SF
4. Show your interest in taking part to the bid for the WCSJ2019 in Lausanne (people who are active with that regard will be considered first)

Send your applications by email to:

Deadline for application: February 15th 2017 8pm CET

The 10 recipients of the scholarship will be chosen at the (beginning of) March 2017 Board meeting.

Any question? Mail to

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